Wednesday 10 october Sven and I are leaving for Aspen, we started our trip with the train to Schiphol. we checked in with 160 kilo of lugageBefore we know we sat in the plain and were flying over greenland.

After a 20hr trip we landed in Denver and picked up a rental car to continue our trip to aspen by car. After 2hrs driving we couldn't resist the neon of a motel in Idaho, time for some sleep.

Next day we continued our trip but not before we had some coffee and breakfast at starbucks. To see the rockies for the first time was very impressive. after a 4hr drive we reached our destination. Man what a long trip! Finally we are were we want to be 'Snowmass village in Aspen'

Meer lezen over onze trip, de dagverslagen zijn te lezen op
action foto's from the first days more pics

This trip is supported by the Nederlandse Ski Vereniging