About Sjees Productions.
A couple of years ago when me and some friends started filming a lot of extreme sports, I found a new hobby; editing video material. I called it Sjees productions.
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In follow up of handycamv III from 2006 here A New Alternative sports Movie from Sjees Productions. I love to ride and do my sports with friends. In the New AS Movie lots of unshowed radical footage produce to one DVD with 25 minutes video + Bonus. The footage is shot inbetween jan 2006 and feb 2008. Lots of sitskiing, wakeboarding, chairing and more. Watch the trailer order now by sending an email to kees-jan@sjeesonline.com Release date 01 june 2008. Also check sjeesproductions for more video's.
Handycam III Sjees alternative extreme sports DVD
I Produced this DVD because I have loads of video footage and editing is my hobby. But above all I think its important that people see what’s possible after getting a serious disabilty. Being Disabled does not mean you can not have an active and fun live. So in order to show the world my vision of disabilty, or better, ability. I am proud to present the birth of a new child; HANDYCAM III.
Good footage combined with good music. 30min movie + 30min extra.

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