The Extremity games part III were held in Michigan this year. Aldo the event has space enough for more enthousiast competitors. eXg can be called a big succes. And my gold medal on the sitwakeboard competition made it also another personal succes.

The event started on thursday morning at Baja motoX track at Birch Run Mi. The motocross was one of the most spectaculair events on the X2G.

Moto X action: left chris Ridgeway (Prostetic leg) and right Bernoi from Belgium (1 arm)

In the evening everybody gethered in a Hotel at Auburn Hills and enjoyed a good night knowing each other better. The next day was all about skateboarding and rock climbing.

After the morning competition
skateboarding, I went to lake pontiac to see if i can do some training. At first I had to arrange a board because some stupid ... from Britisch Airways decited not to take any odd sizes on any of there flights. Luckly I found a nice board to ride. Check my practise run on the left.
Lots of more things happened check out de compalation on the right.