Sunday evening, Bas on the telephone;
Bas: "he man how are you doing? I am on my way back from Brienne France I've been flying the whole week.
K-J: "Cool men wish I could be there with you cause its time for another skydive adventure, when is the next event?"
Bas: Next event is this week, Texel freefly extravaganza, it starts wednesday, you should come with me..."

The freefly extravaganza was organized by Paracentre Texel. Marco Tiezzi one of worlds best skydivers and personal friend of Bas was invited there to give Atmonauti clinics together with Gigliola Borgnis, (parents of the Atmonauti style!!!).

As soon as Marco heared that I was in for an atmonauti tandem he became even more enthousiastic than he allready was.
Atmonauti is not just skydiving, the technic allowes you to really "fly" so you will have more air time before you open the canopy. In tandem it is even possible to go without drogue (breakchute which is normally required to reduce your speed) Super cool!! As Marco sais, "Why fall when we can fly"
Thursday morning would be the day. Cause its more fun to jump with a group we found some guys who wanted to jump allong. Beside Bas and Marco, there were Gigliola (Top of the world, also atmonaut creator), Peter Leemijer en Erwin BJ who joined us. With four videocams and a photocam the footage was secure. After some instructions from Marco about the flying technics and the way to hold my body and arms we took off to go to 15.000ft (specially for us, 5km) for one hell of an amazing flight.

Special thanks to Marco, Bas, Gigliola, Peter, Erwin and off-course Paracentre Texel for making this happen.