Indoorskiing in Snowworld Landgraaf
Snowworld Landgraaf is the biggest indoorskicenter in Holland.
With 2 sloops of +500m and a fun park with 1 Big jump, some smaller jumps and 5-7 sliders its a good solution when real snow is too far away. My buddy Wouter and I had lots of fun at the friday nightsessions. Thanks to the Landgraaf locals, the boys from snowzero for some cool pics.
Another session, a new 10/80 couldn't last longer then 15min. (oops!?.., sorry Frits).
The most fun was in the middle of the summer when we were at the Ripzone wakeboardevent and went on for a sunny day for an indoor slidersession. Sjoerd and Robert, my Rehall Team mates who had some trouble taking the slider themselfes, took care of some nice footage.

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