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4 in het land
26 of june RTL4 '4 in het land'

News item about Wheelchair training.
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Ambassador MEE Zeeland
Sinds june 21 I'm ambassador of MEE Zeeland. MEE supports people with different sorts of handicaps in there live on different terrains. On the 21st the commissaris van de Koninging, Mw. Peijs and I did the ceremonial opening of there new office in Middelburg and MEE revealed my ambassadorship. I'm real proud with my titel as ambassador and see this as a usefull instrument to help others and to contribute even more to the integration of people with a dissability in my country. Website MEE Zeeland.
New Car
In Februari me and Sven had a realy bad car crash. On the peage in France we had a confrontation with an anvil. Luckly we survived the crash without personal damage but my car couldn't handle the impact. Thanks to Athlon Carlease I'm back on the road again. BIG THANKS!! Athlon Carlease

Wheelchair training
Since december we started a wheelchairtraining in Zeeland, during the training we learn people what they are capable doiing with there own wheelchair. In april we also started, in cooperation with the child rehab center 'Reigerbos' in Goes, a program for the youth. The program is very succesfull and adults and childeren seam to make a lot of profit from the training and feel more confident in their wheels. These training programs will be continued info

Mee Zeeland Promotion campagne
Mee Zeeland one of the bigger organisations supporting disabled people used me for there new promotion campagne. Beside the promotion folders and photo's in there magazine they printed a postcard for the occasion of there new website, and also they placed advertisements on busses in province. When you life in Zeeland and need some assistence check:

The ultimate experience

Finally it was my time to experience 'The ultimate experience' at indoorskydive center Roosendaal. The occasion was the Go Fast Athlete day were all Go Fast Athletes came together to life the brand 'Stronger for Longer'. Go fast is doing great and groing rapid, Just ask for it at gasstations or shops and you'll discover why.
More about the ultimate experience and photo's check here

Bronze medal at X-games!!
My invitation for the X-games was already a big price, but winning a medal at this event, Damn I'm so stoked!!! In the practise I had some problems with my raceski and decided to go for save in competition on my Scratch twintip, not the fastest ski but definitly the strongest ski. After qualifiing I was 4th and in the half finale I finished 3th. In the final I couldn't pass Kevin Connelly (Silver) and Tyler Walker (gold)but i'm realy satisfied.
- Read about X Games and watch the video's from the final runs here
- Check for report Trip to Aspen an more pics here

Moving borders youth sportweekend , sorry this one is in dutch
1,2,3 september was het weer tijd voor het grensverleggend jeugdsportweekend voor kinderen met een beperking. zoals de vorige jaren was ik hier weer bij als begeleider.
Het weekend vond weer plaats op het Zilverenschor aan het veersemeer. Op de aankomst avond werden de kinderen opgewarmd voor het weekend. read more

First backflip in wheelchair!!

Unbelievable or not Colours rider Aaron Fotheringham (14yr) sticks the first backflip in a wheelchair ever. This realy need some guts. Much respect for this young men who pushed extreme chairing to a new level.

A visit from Markus
This summer Markus Pfisterer from Swiss came over to bring me a visit. We had a lot of fun this week and done a lot of wakeboarding. As special event we made an atmonauti flight over my local area. I want to thank Markus for the good time, and for those who want to see what the week was like
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Trip to Lake Como
In June I made a visit to lake como. Together with my Rehall Team mates Sjoerd Compier, Carly Francis and good friends Ralph an Charmaine we drove with a Air Nautique on the trailer towards Italy. It was a good opening for my wakeboardseason and due to the very good conditions I made good progression and I made a start with some new cool tricks. So far the backside 180 is in the pocket. See more in the video and photo galleries.
Wheelchairskating in the city
A beautifull and sunny wednesday afternoon was the perfect day for some filming in the city of Vlissingen. I used to skate at most of the spots we've been to, so it was a familiar route. Cause we are really satisfyed with the result we are thinking about visiting other city's this summer.
Watch the Wednesday afternoon production __click right mouse button to save the video.___
TNS Support Demo
From 19 till 22 april the Support fair took place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. A good ocasion for some action was Mario's thought. 2 months ago he've send Bart Gijsels, Ronald and Me to Haarlem to checkout a mini ramp and told us he wanted us to ride it 4days in a row during the fair. If i wanted that...? __click right mouse button to save the trailer.___ read more
Crapcam crashvideo
After 3years of alternative sport I made a lot of actions. The result you can see on this website. But one item was missing. Pushing the limits, even do its in an alternative way is not always with out pain. In the latest sjees production some miss calculations are put togheter in one clip. If you have a weak hart, hold it tide.
I'm still a live and kicking.
___Greetz Sjees __click right mouse button to save the video.___
28/1 till 4/2 the Dutchchampionships snowboarding were held in Laax. Cause I still like snowboarding very much it was time to visit this event. Togheter with Sven I travelled to Laax to see what the best dutch riders had to show. It was impressive to see how high the level of the riders was. Especialy the ID&T Big Air and the Swatch BX were spectaculair to see. Mucho respect for the riders! Also the Big airbag was represent this week, and not unimportant there was some good party afther riding.
I had a good time in Laax and I want to thank all people who were there for the good time.
read more and video.

Sitski animation
It took us a while but here they are, the first sitskianimation video's online. While we were on the road we had some spare time in the evenings. My buddy Sven and I have been creative and produced a couple of sitski animationsclips. Check them all out, download them and send them to your friends! more clips
Eurocup final Ravascletto
The I had my last race of the season in Ravascletto Italy. On the steep sloop of zoncolan I competed in all 3 events. I still have troubles to find confidance in my new equipment and during the race I performd bad on the slalom and the GS. Sunday on the Super-G I found the right flow and became 16th, 6 sec behind the top 3. With a result of 108 asd points is the SG in Zoncolan my best result so far. A good end of a bad season, "that gives hope for next season".
Eurocup Abtenau
The second race of the season took place in Abtenau Austria. this weekend started even more atheletes then last week. Beside that there was a lot of snowfall and hard wind, wich made some real heavy conditions to race. The 1st day on the slalom I had bad luck and did not finish the first run. The next day would be a GS day. Cause of the bad weather the GS race was cancelled and rescheduled to sunday instead of the super-G. On sunday I became 18th on the GS, it's not a top result, but it satisfied me for now and give me more trust in my new equipment, something I could use afther last weekend.

Eurocup Pitztal
From 9 till 11 december I had my first races of the season in Pitztal (At). With more then 60 monoskiers from all over the world at the start the race could be compared to a worldcup.
My first results didn't satisfy me; in slalom and GS I didn't make it to the finish and in Super-G I became 29th. Hopefully it gets better next week in Abtenau where the 2nd race will be helt
Training in Stubai
After Tignes, Russell Docker, Sean Rose and I travelled to Stubai where we had training with the Britisch Army, also Patrick Opschoor joined us these weeks. During this time I made some good progression, which I will need cause in this paralympic year the competition will be very hard.
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Training in Tignes
In November I have been training in Tignes with the Britisch team. I was very excited cause this would be my first training in my new mono. You can check out pictures and soon some video from this week when you click here.

First training in Hintertux
I just returned from training in Hintertux and can't wait to go again. Had a real good time in Tux. I went for a 3 week training and skied together with Patrick Opschoor, Russell Docker (GB) and Markus Pfisterer (Sui.) and had training with de US team, Thanx therefor... Beside race training there is always some time to ride the park.
Indoorskiing in Snowworld Landgraaf
When its summer and its too hot outside we hit for the indoorslopes to get refreshed. My favorite place to ride is Snowworld Landgraaf. This spot is awesome for freestyle. Jumps, sliders and Big Jump all under one roof. Check some pics and clips from my visits last summer. Special Thanks to my friday night friends from who took some cool pics.
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The Texel Atmonauti tandem with Marco Tizzie, one of world's best skydivers and guru in flying technics, inventor of the atmonauti technic. He is definitly one of the most passionated people I've ever met. The experience of flying with him was very special, We made an Awesome flight, this could be something for the future...
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Wakeland 2005

Wakeland 2005 sponsered by Rehall was one of the better wakeboard events in Holland this year. A lot of wakeboard action with real spectaculair demo's from the Rehall teamriders and flyers. And ofcourse an absolutely relaxed atmosphere.
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Afther training in Hintertux
It Always feels good to make a run in the funpark after a hard week of training. B-Jump Hintertuxer gletcher november 2004. Although the landing was not perfect yet, Iím sure it will be better next time. Special thanx to Sven van Santen for filming that week.
check it out here!!

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