The ultimate experience
Finally it was my time to experience 'The ultimate experience' at indoorskydive center Roosendaal. The occasion was the Go Fast Athlete day were all Go Fast Athletes came together to life the brand 'Stronger for Longer'. Go fast is doing great and groing rapid, Just ask for it at gasstations or shops and you'll discover why.

Since december '06 indoor skydive Roosendaal opened his doors and made it possible to experience flying without jumping of a plane. 12blowers pres a windstream so fast in to a vertical tunnel you can fly on the airstream. My skydive buddie Basmonaut, who is working at the center, was already stoked for months to get me in the tunnel. The Go fast athlete day would be THE day for me to get my first tunnel experience.

We strapped my legs togeter and I the marshals guide me backwards in to the tunnel. Flying in the tunnel is already a confusing thing when its your first time, but flying face-up made me even more disorientated. After about 30sec I had a bit of the feeling of flying and could relax a little more and made contact with Bazzie who was flying above me with the helmetcam. Super cool!!!

I want to thank Go fast, Basmonaut, Leander, Ingeborg, Wim and all others...for making this happen
This was a THE ultimate experience and will definitly be continued...

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