Visit Markus

This summer Markus Pfisterer from Swiss came over to bring me a visit. We had a lot of fun this week and done a lot of wakeboarding. As special event we made an atmonauti flight over my local area. I want to thank Markus for the good time,

The first active evening we had a cable session at waterski center De Schotsman. It was markus his first tim on a cable track so he was a little tenced, but no need for worries, he turned out to be very talented on the wakeboard. The next morning it was time for a boat session with the Quartels where Markus started with his first wake2wake attempts.

About one year after my Jump above Texel with Marco Tizzie it was time for some skydiving above my home area. It was even more fun because Markus is stoked about skydiving and this time Markus experienced the Atmonauti style for the first time. This moment was so special that even the biggest news paper in Holland wanted to know about it.

Dutch article: Om het artikel te lezen kan de foto in het volgend scherm vergroot worden, blijf met muis in rechter onderhoek staan tot vergrotings button verschijnt.


Special thanks to Bas, Menno, Leander, Tom, Jaap Wolterbeek, Paracenter Zeeland and more.